Designed by an Award Winning Artist

Most of our Quilling cards designs are designed by award winning artsit Khusboo Bhimsaria.

Quilling Cards
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  • Lokta means bark of indigenous Daphne plant, which is locally called Himalayan Lokta or simply

    Use of Sustainable Lokta paper

    The word 'Lokta' means bark of indigenous Daphne plant, as shown in the picture, which is locally called Himalayan Lokta or simply "Lokta''. It is a tall shrub that grows at an altitude of over 6500 feet in the Himalaya of Nepal. Lokta regenerates after every cutting, which provides a sustainable source of income for rural people while preserving the fragile mountain ecology. Removing only the bark from the Lokta actually promotes new growth and is beneficial to the plant. The controlled harvest of the Lokta ensures a sustainable and Eco-friendly paper-making process. Our artisans combine a traditional process of ancient paper-making with modern fashion and style. The result is a high-quality paper product known for its superior strength, durability, and rich texture.

  • Women Empowerment in Nepal

    Women Empowerment

    Meet Paru Pariyar: Paru has been doing Quilling Art and craft for the past 8 years to earn a livelihood for her family. As she has a hearing disability, she never got the chance for formal education. On top of that, she is a single parent which made it harder for her to survive in Nepal. When she had no job, she learned Quilling Art entirely from YouTube. Then she started making greeting cards and selling them on the streets, all by herself.

    Paru says, “Now working for Lokta Cards has been much easier for me as it provides me job that I really love doing. On top of that I don’t have to move around the city to sell cards. I am enjoying and learning new craftworks here. I hope Lokta Cards will grow much bigger and be able to help more women like me to survive in Nepal.

  • Young Couple Proposal Hand Carved Greeting Card

    Authentic quality and Luxurious Designs

    Lokta Cards is the name of best Nepali greeting card brand you will ever find on internet. Lokta Card gives you a blend of authentic and luxury feeling at the same time. Lokta paper is made up of eco friendly material which gives Lokta card an authentic feel. Likewise, our quilling cards collection are designed by one of the best artists in the Asia, who is also an award winning artist. The designs give luxury feel to the card. This is what makes Lokta Card the best option for eco conscious people.

  • Quilled mandala greeting card

    Get The Best Value

    The motto of Lokta Cards is "Maximizing Our Quality And Your Impact". We make sure our product quality stands out in the international market while maximizing our social and environmental impact. Here's what you can expect from Lokta Cards:

    1. Designs by award winning artist.

    2. 100% Handmade product

    3. First and only hand carved greeting card in the world.

    4. The back of each card is uniquely hand-signed by its artisan/crafter, connecting you to the life you're helping to transform.

    5. Comes with a Handmade Lokta paper envelope.

    6. Jobs to Underprivileged women

    7. Charity to cancer patients

    8. Best for environmentally conscious people as it is made from environmentally friendly material.